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Regulatory compliance is one of the biggest administrative and operational challenges faced by businesses today. A sophisticated set of procedures for oversight, review and monitoring of your company’s regulatory responsibilities can do more than simply meet legal requirements; it can provide advanced levels of efficiency and attest to the integrity of your operations for clients, customers and regulatory authorities.

Conyers can help your organisation keep pace with and adapt to the ever-changing regulatory environment. Our experience in multiple offshore markets allows us to identify regulatory trends and provide you with strategic and commercially-based advice on how to navigate them.

Our lawyers sit on government appointed legislative and regulatory committees in the jurisdictions in which we operate, giving us unrivalled insight into the background and potential future updates to each regulatory regime. Our frequent interaction with regulatory authorities means we are well placed to provide you with ‘on the ground’ guidance as to how best to comply with their expectations.

You can rely on our lawyers and fiduciaries to address strategic approaches and regulatory interpretation as well as more detailed specific operational issues, reviews and remediation, and the development of appropriate and efficient policies and procedures.

Learn more about the comprehensive regulatory compliance services offered by our:

Bermuda Regulatory Group

Cayman Islands Financial Institutions Group


"They understood the urgency and demanding nature of the deals that we were working on - they were very responsive and commercial, and worked with us to make it happen."
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