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November 2021

Private Client & Trust Bulletin – Fall 2021

August 2021

Private Client & Trust Bulletin – Summer 2021

July 2021

Modernisation of the British Virgin Islands Trust legislation

June 2021

The Perfect Domicile for Agents Looking for Stability

May 2021

Amendments to Bermuda’s Employment Act Come into Force

April 2021

The DITC Issues Timely Compliance Reminders

March 2021

Conyers Welcomes New Global Head of Client Services

December 2020

Conyers Donates $52,000 to Local Food Programmes

December 2020

Deregistration of Cayman Private Trust Companies and Controlled Subsidiaries

December 2020

A Strong Foundation for Philanthropy: The use of Cayman Foundation Companies as Not-for-profit Enterprises

October 2020

The Private Wealth & Private Client Review, Edition 9 – Bermuda Chapter

October 2020

European Union Removes Cayman Islands from List of Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions for Tax Purposes

August 2020

Electronic Signatures: How legal are they in the British Virgin Islands?

July 2020

Bermuda Amends Trust Law to Strengthen “Firewall” Provisions and Restores Settlors’ Freedom of Disposition with Regard to Illegitimate Children

July 2020

Bermuda Company Ownership Register Will Be Accessible To Public

Disclaimers: These publications are not intended to be a substitute for legal advice or a legal opinion. They deal in broad terms and are intended to merely provide as a brief overview and give general information.

Effective 3 December 2020, all legislation in the Cayman Islands is described by the term “Act” rather than “Law”. Any references to “Law” (and accompanying acronyms) in Conyers written materials pre-dating October 2020 should be read as “Act”.