Conyers Dill & Pearman is pleased to announce that, effective 30 April 2019, the firm will be moving to a new brand encompassing the single word ‘Conyers’. The new brand will apply to all parts of the firm’s business, including legal professional and client services.

“Our brand change recognises that Conyers is the name by which we have come to be known. As we recently celebrated our 90th anniversary, it seemed an appropriate time for a new brand identity that reflects the modern firm we are today,” said Christian Luthi, Chairman.

“We believe that the new brand will not only stand out in the multimedia marketplace but will simplify our interaction with users in the digital environment so that we can communicate more effectively with our clients. We think it reflects our straightforward approach which is focused on giving our clients timely, quality, commercially-sensible and solutions-driven advice.”

To see the new branding, click on the video below:


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