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Regulatory Compliance Services

Regulatory compliance is one of the biggest administrative and operational challenges faced by businesses today; it is a burden that has increased significantly in recent years, especially for those that operate globally. Companies must satisfy all legal obligations in the countries in which they operate, and failure to do so can have potentially serious consequences.

A sophisticated set of procedures for oversight, review and monitoring of your company’s regulatory responsibilities can do more than simply meet legal requirements; it can provide advanced levels of efficiency and attest to the integrity of your operations for clients, customers and regulatory authorities.

Conyers can help your organisation keep pace with and adapt to the ever-changing regulatory environment. Our services address strategic approaches as well as more detailed specific operational issues. Our lawyers and fiduciaries can assist with regulatory interpretation, strategy, reviews and remediation, as well as the development of appropriate and efficient policies and procedures.

Our regulatory compliance services include:

• Interpretation and application of regulatory policy (rules and statements of guidance)
• Legal and regulatory reviews and reports
• Providing advice on information confidentiality and privacy, as well as data protection and GDPR gap analysis
• Change of control applications
• Legal and regulatory training
• Liaise with regulators

For information on our Anti-Money Laundering services and services for FATCA/CRS compliance, please click on the links.

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