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RECENT Arbitration

January 2019

Coty Hong Kong Distribution Limited -v- Peakstar Development Ltd

June 2018

BAS SERCO Ltd -v- Government of Bermuda

December 2017

S -v- T (redacted)

June 2016

Sonera Holdings B.V. -v- Cukurova Holdings A.S. BVIHCMAP 2015/0005

February 2016

PT Ventures SGPS SA and Vidatel Ltd Claim No. BVIHC (Com) 2015/0017

January 2016

Ace Bermuda Insurance Ltd -v- Ford Motor [2016] SC (Bda) 1 Civ

September 2015

C-Mobile Services Limited -v- Huawei Technologies Co Limited Claim No. BVIHCMAP 2014/0017 (September 2015)

February 2015

Laep Investments Ltd -v- Emerging Markets Special Situations 3 Ltd. [2015] CA (Bda) 10 Civ (9 April 2015)

February 2015

Sonera Holding BV -v- Cukurova Holdings AS Claim No. BVIHC (Com) No 119 of 2011 (February 2015)

November 2014

Sampoerna Strategic Holdings Ltd -v- (1) Huawei Tech Investments Co Ltd and (2) Huawei International Pte Ltd [2014] Bda LR 108 (19 November 2014)

June 2014

Anzen Ltd and others -v- Hermes One Ltd BVIHCMAP 2014/0013

May 2014

Cukurova Holdings A.S -v- Sonera Holdings B.V. [2014] UKPC 15

May 2014

Vendort Traders Inc -v- Evrostroy Grupp LLP Claim No. BVIHCVAP 2012/0041

February 2014

(1) Huawei Tech Investment Co. Ltd. (2) Huawei International PTE Ltd. -v- Sampoerna Strategic Holdings Limited [2014] SC (Bda) 8 Civ (14 February 2014)

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