In recognition of the challenges faced by the local community due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are significantly increasing the annual support we give to the community by pledging $100,000 to Bermuda charities. This support is a mark of our gratitude to the range of charities that are working tirelessly around the clock to fight this threat.

As a first step, the firm will give $15,000 to the Salvation Army and $15,000 to the Coalition for the Protection of Children.

Conyers’ Chairman, Christian Luthi, said: “This crisis will have a long term impact on the fabric of our community and it is to be expected that as that impact manifests itself, the charitable community will be stretched to its limits. We have directed resources to organisations that are positioned to mobilize quickly and provide essential humanitarian relief, especially in the most vulnerable parts of our community. The Salvation Army is providing shelter for an increased number of  displaced persons and the Coalition has been devoting its efforts to ensuring that the increasing number of ‘at risk’ children are cared for.  We will be applying the balance of the funds pledged in the coming weeks to other charities that are providing relief as a result of the crisis”.


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