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January 2022

Economic Substance – Extension of the Scope of the Relevant Activity of “Fund Management”

December 2021

Amendments to the Main Board Listing Rules: Impact on Bermuda, Cayman and British Virgin Islands’ Listed Issuers

November 2021

Upcoming Cayman Islands Economic Substance Reporting Deadlines

October 2021

BMA Offers Expedited Registration Process to Special Purpose Insurers

October 2021

Conyers Corporate Services – “Gold Plating” Your BVI Corporate Services

September 2021

BVI Economic Substance – ITA Commences Audit Process

September 2021

Cayman Islands Private Funds – Filing Extension for FAR Form and Related Fund Entity Form

September 2021

Data Protection Act Enters Into Force in the BVI

September 2021

Upcoming Deadline for Filing Cayman CRS Compliance Form

August 2021

Upcoming Deadline for Filing Fund Annual Returns for Cayman Islands Private Funds

July 2021

Economic Substance Requirements to Apply to ALL Bermuda Partnerships

July 2021

Expansion of Cayman Economic Substance Regime to Include Partnerships

May 2021

Amendments to Bermuda’s Employment Act Come into Force

May 2021

Bermuda Registrar of Companies New Registry System: Impact on Economic Substance Declaration Portal

April 2021

CIMA Announces Private Funds Filing Extension

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