The practice of Family and Matrimonial Law requires a special sensitivity, allied to a mastery of the relevant legal issues.

Issues arising from family and matrimonial disputes can be intensely stressful for those directly concerned. In such situations, advice and counsel from a highly qualified legal team that specialises in Family and Matrimonial Law will be critical to a satisfactory resolution — even more so when such matters involve cross-border considerations.

Conyers has a wide breadth of experience in Family and Matrimonial Law. Its specialised practice brings deep and considerable expertise in financial remedy proceedings. We are able to assist with complex matters including disputes concerning significant wealth, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, and issues relating to assets held within business structures or by trusts.

Separation and Divorce

A divorce or separation can be painful for all parties and often follows an emotionally difficult or frustrating journey for spouses, partners and perhaps their children. The intensity of the situation can easily cloud one’s vision and judgement at a time when important decisions may need to be taken quickly, which makes seeking the advice of a lawyer with expertise in such matters absolutely critical.

Conyers can guide clients through the legal process bringing the relationship to an end and provide expert advice on the consequences of taking this step

Our lawyers know that every family’s situation is unique. Couples may have accumulated assets such as property or pensions or taken on debt and each can be a source of contention on separation. Disagreements about arrangements for any children involved are also common.

Our lawyers will explain available options and the ways in which individuals can protect themselves in the present and the future. Conyers’ lawyers guide clients through the process of settling their affairs in an equitable manner, allowing them to close one chapter of their lives while starting another.

Finances on Divorce

We have extensive experience supporting clients in all aspects of private client and matrimonial work, from the planning stages, including pre- and post-nuptial agreements, through to litigation.

We have particular expertise in financial proceedings dealing with trust assets in Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands and Cayman, as these assets are common in high-net-worth divorces.

Conyers can advise in relation to:

  • Division of assets on divorce
  • Maintenance claims
  • Treatment of assets held by third parties including trust and business structures
  • Treatment of inherited/non-marital assets
  • Recovery of improperly disposed of/hidden assets
  • Enforcement
  • Planning and relationship agreements, including pre- and post-nuptial agreements
  • Financial provisions on separation and divorce, including high-net-worth divorces
  • Financial provisions for unmarried couples


The pressures couples considering separation or divorce may face when they have children are complex and often extraordinarily difficult to deal with under the circumstances. We understand and empathise with parents in such a position, and take great care to present the options that are in the children’s best interests.

With a strong success record, we have advised clients facing legal proceedings in the separation or divorce process involving children and their welfare; clients looking for equitable custody arrangements and financial provisions for their children; and clients seeking to adopt or those considering surrogacy arrangements.

We have considerable experience in dealing with aspects of international children’s law, such as applications for temporary or permanent relocation, and wrongful removal.

Unmarried Couples

The principles relating to cohabiting/unmarried couples are frequently misunderstood, often erroneously leading such couples to believe that they have rights similar or identical to those of married couples.

When the relationships of cohabiting/unmarried couples end, different legal principles often apply, which can create unexpected financial difficulties for dependent partners.

Property and Assets

Conyers’ experienced team can assist in identifying whether an unmarried partner has acquired any property rights and how to divide their property as a result.


Conyers’ lawyers have helped many parents finalise arrangements regarding their children following separation, including in relation to child support. We can advise on rights to custody and access, and assist with legal proceedings if needed. We are also well-versed in international children’s law and can advise on applications for temporary or permanent relocation and wrongful removal.