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Consolidated Acts



The Source – Offshore Financial Services Legislation

Conyers Dill & Pearman is the source for financial services legislation in Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. We have compiled consolidated statutes for each jurisdiction as set out below.


RECENT Consolidated Acts

March 2022

British Virgin Islands Insolvency Act, 2003 and Related Legislation

March 2022

Bermuda Companies Act

March 2022

Cayman Companies Act

February 2022

BVI Business Companies Act 2004

February 2022

Bermuda AML and ATF Legislation

January 2022

Bermuda Insurance Act 1978 and Regulations for Captive Insurers

January 2022

Bermuda Trustee Act 1975

January 2022

Bermuda Investment Business Act 2003

January 2022

Bermuda Insurance Act 1978 and Regulations for Commercial Insurers

January 2022

BVI Economic Substance Act 2020 & Beneficial Ownership Secure Search System Act 2020

August 2021

BVI Limited Partnership Act, 2017

July 2020

BVI Securities & Investment Business Act 2010

January 2018

British Virgin Islands Partnership Act, 1996

Disclaimers: These publications are not intended to be a substitute for legal advice or a legal opinion. They deal in broad terms and are intended to merely provide as a brief overview and give general information.

Effective 3 December 2020, all legislation in the Cayman Islands is described by the term “Act” rather than “Law”. Any references to “Law” (and accompanying acronyms) in Conyers written materials pre-dating October 2020 should be read as “Act”.