Entrust the administration of your offshore entity to professionals who will ensure it is fully compliant and run smoothly at all times.

All offshore legal entities in Bermuda, BVI and the Cayman Islands are required to be kept in good standing, and to file documents at regular intervals in order to meet their statutory and regulatory obligations. Instead of allowing these concerns to detract focus from the development of your business, rely on your Conyers team to ensure your requirements are being met.

Administrative and Secretarial Services for Companies and Limited Partnerships

Conyers Corporate Services has long been a recognised leader in the provision of corporate administrative and secretarial services for companies and limited partnerships in each of the jurisdictions we serve. We offer a complete range of accounting, administrative and business advisory services in support of companies, partnerships, individuals and trusts. Our highly trained and thoroughly experienced team of professionals keep themselves consistently up-to-date on the laws and regulations of each jurisdiction, to guarantee continuing legal compliance.

You can trust us to ensure that your legal entities maintain a proper framework of governance, including the regular holding of formal Board meetings and documentation of the decisions made at those meetings. Our services extend all the way to meeting the uniquely specified day-to-day management, accounting and administrative needs of the most active business enterprises, as a cost-efficient alternative to employing your own staff and maintaining a physical office presence in the company’s jurisdiction.

Our secretarial services include:

  • preparation and dissemination of meeting details and agendas
  • attendance at Board or shareholder meetings
  • preparation and maintenance of minutes
  • other miscellaneous secretarial services as required

Our corporate administration services include:

  • establishment of bank accounts
  • drafting of directors’ resolutions, such as change of directors or officers, and share issues
  • drafting of members’ resolutions, such as change of company name, amendments to the constitution and capital reductions
  • maintenance of
    • statutory records (and the filing of statutory declarations and other returns)
    • dedicated members’ registers for more widely-held entities
    • corporate registers, such as directors’ interests, contracts and intellectual property
    • provision of advice on changes in jurisdictional laws
  • implementation of directors’ and shareholders’ decisions
  • safekeeping of pertinent documents


Charlotte Cloete

Head of Conyers Corporate Services (Cayman) Limited

Cayman Islands

Claire O’Flynn

Company Secretary / Board Support

Cayman Islands

Jennifer Lim

Corporate Manager


Juan Quezada

Corporate Manager

British Virgin Islands

Ide Murphy

Corporate Manager


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