Conyers’ Singapore office operates a sophisticated offshore law practice. Since opening in 2001, the office has made significant impact in the region through strong client relationships, and has been instrumental in the introduction of offshore companies as listing vehicles in the ASEAN region.

The demand for offshore legal services in ASEAN remains strong. Our lawyers advise companies on the laws of Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands, across industry and sector, including banking and finance, investment funds, aviation, shipping, commercial property, health care and natural resources.

Offshore Company Formation Services

We advise on a number of corporate and commercial transactions to clients within the ASEAN market. Our team of experts can assist with clients seeking listing on the Singapore Stock Exchange, facilitating incorporations, share issuances, share registrar services, certification of documents and filings with governmental authorities in Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands or the Cayman Islands, as well as arranging apostilles and legalisation of documents.

Corporate and Administration Services

Affiliated company, Conyers Client Services, provides corporate administration services and specialised company management services to clients. We are also affiliated with a global network of licensed trust companies under the umbrella of Conyers Trust Services, which undertake a broad range of trust administration services for private clients and corporations.

Our jurisdictions provide the ideal platform for company formations and are the vehicles of choice for international investors looking to invest in ASEAN based businesses. In Singapore, our lawyers and corporate managers can assist with:

  • The provision of a requisite registered office for client companies
  • The services of a Company Secretary and, if required, a resident representative for the company
  • Corporate secretarial services covering basic resolutions in relation to matters such as a change in the directors or officers of the company or a transfer or issue of shares in the company
  • Maintenance of the register of directors and officers of the company, including the necessary updating of the register when there is a change in the directors or officers of the company
  • Maintenance of the register of members of the company, including the necessary updating of the register of members when there is a transfer or issue of shares

Investment Funds

We act as offshore legal advisers for international and Asia-based fund management houses, providing innovative advice and solutions on investment fund matters, from the initial structuring issues for new funds, through all aspects of the continuing operations and other long-term business requirements of investment funds.

With extensive expertise and understanding of the Asian market, our teams can advise on the most appropriate structure for fund matters, including the application of the regulatory regimes for investment funds in our jurisdictions.

Debt Capital Market

Our lawyers advise on bond or high yield note offerings, from inception and structuring of the capital raising exercise, through preparation and issue of the Offering Memorandum; launch of the Deal (road show and book building stages); Pricing (generally T+3 or T+5) and Closing. We are familiar with all types of bond and high yield note transaction structures (secured and unsecured) and offer specialist advice and assistance for each particular type bond or high yield note issue.