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Conyers Trust Services undertakes a broad range of trust administration services for private clients, corporations and charitable entities established in Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. We professionally handle every aspect of administering your trust, avoiding the need to employ your own staff. Our trust managers can be relied upon to take fiduciary responsibility for beneficiaries’ interests and ensure that all regulatory responsibilities are met. Our emphasis is on close communication, responsiveness, efficiency and dependability. We fully respect our clients’ desire for privacy and the need for strict confidentiality.

Independent of any investment management firms, Conyers Trust Services is very much a “law firm” trust company, specialising in personal service tailored to our clients’ particular requirements. Our close affiliation with the Conyers law firm greatly augments the quality of the trustee services we provide. Access to legal advice from our global network of law offices is readily available and the continuous liaison has built an in-depth understanding of fiduciary principles which apply to our role as a prudent trustee. It also enables Conyers Trust Services to be flexible in decision making and proactive in finding appropriate solutions as circumstances change.

Our trust managers are highly qualified and most are members of recognised professional organisations, including the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and the Institute of Chartered Accountants. We have particular expertise in the administration of private trustee companies, and are also experienced in managing a wide range of entities, including discretionary trusts, fixed interest trusts, charitable and non-charitable purpose trusts and commercial trust structures.

Our professional trustee service includes:

  • Working with professional advisors, investment managers and custodians to coordinate and oversee the affairs of the trust and any related companies.
  • Keeping proper records and accounts of all trust assets, including expenditures, distributions, income and investment performance
  • Approving and recording in minutes all substantive decisions relating to the trust
  • Holding at least one formal trustee meeting each year in order to review and consider the accounts, the affairs of the trust and the financial position of the trust as a whole. Our affiliate Conyers Management Services can produce annual financial statements for trusts.
  • Ensuring that the trust’s business is conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements, including Know-Your-Customer rules, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing procedures and beneficial ownership reporting.

Disclaimer: Conyers Trust Company (Bermuda) Limited is authorised to conduct trust business by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

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Natasha Hernandez
Head of Trust Services

Bermuda   +1 441 278 8060

Leonora F. Carter
Trust Manager

Bermuda   +1 441 298 7820

Jill-Deion Jennings
Assistant Trust Manager

Bermuda   +1 441 298 7838

Sukoji Hodsoll
Assistant Trust Manager

Bermuda   +1 441 279 5367

Glenda Jack
Trust Manager

Bermuda   +1 441 299 4946

Sharon P. Pierson

Cayman Islands   +1 345 814 7397

Kiwana Pitcher
Trust Manager

Bermuda   +1 441 299 4930

Neisha Tucker
Assistant Trust Manager

Bermuda   +1 441 294 5927

Erik Bodden

Cayman Islands   +1 345 814 7754

Helen E. Cooper
Director, Co-Head of Bermuda Private Client and Trust

Bermuda   +1 441 299 4956

Davina Hargun

Bermuda   +1 441 279 5377

Robert Lindley
Partner, Head of Cayman & BVI Private Client & Trust

British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands   +1 345 814 7360

Christian R. Luthi
Director and Chairman

Bermuda   +1 441 298 7814

Craig W. MacIntyre
Director, Co-Head of Bermuda Private Client and Trust

Bermuda   +1 441 299 4907

Wesley O’Brien

Cayman Islands   +1 345 814 7350

Paul Smith
Partner and Commercial Litigation Advocate

Bermuda   +1 441 278 8001


"I enjoy working with them - they are very dependable, reliable and responsive."
- Chambers Global