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Fund Finance

Whether you are an experienced participant in the fund finance space or a new entrant to the market, Conyers has the capability to assist you and your onshore legal counsel with the offshore aspects of your fund finance transaction.

Our expertise is second to none, as our attorneys have been advising on finance structures in Bermuda, Cayman and BVI since their initial inception and subsequent evolution. Our wealth of experience allows us to handle challenging transactions and ensure a seamless client experience. The diverse nature of our funds practice gives us a deep understanding of and insight into the key factors influencing these transactions from both a lender and borrower perspective.

Conyers takes an integrated approach to fund finance with our teams comprised of both fund finance and fund formation practitioners working closely together. We regularly act as lender or borrower side counsel on a diverse range of fund finance transactions including:

  • subscription line facilities
  • ‘NAV’ or asset-based facilities
  • hybrid facilities
  • facilities to open-ended funds in respect of redemption liquidity
  • bespoke or specialist loans to fund structures

Our teams are highly experienced on the lender side of fund finance transactions and we pride ourselves on our efficient and commercial representation. Our experience and integrated approach minimizes unnecessary conflict with borrower counsel to ensure a smooth client experience.

As one of the leading legal advisors to private equity and venture capital funds in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and BVI we also regularly advise on the fund/borrower side of fund finance transactions, with such advice starting at fund formation.

Click here to download the Cayman Islands Fund Finance fact sheet.

We would welcome the opportunity to assist you in tailoring and effecting bespoke and sophisticated fund financing solutions. Please call or email any of the contacts listed below.

Derek Stenson

Cayman Islands   +1 345 814 7392

Michael O’Connor

Cayman Islands   +1 345 814 7395

Anna-Lise Wisdom

Cayman Islands   +1 345 814 7883
Mobile  +1 345 926 7690

Alan Dickson

Cayman Islands   +1 345 814 7790

Matthew Stocker
Partner, Head of Cayman Corporate Practice

Cayman Islands   +1 345 814 7382

Jarladth Travers
Senior Vice President and Head of Conyers FIG (Cayman) Limited

Cayman Islands   + 1 345 814 7773

Cora S. Miller

Cayman Islands   +1 345 814 7786

Dawn C. Griffiths
Director, Head of Bermuda Funds Practice

Bermuda   +1 441 299 4970

Sarah Lusher

Bermuda   +1 441 298 7889

Robert J.D. Briant
Partner, Head of BVI Corporate

British Virgin Islands   +1 284 852 1100

Anton Goldstein

British Virgin Islands   +1 284 852 1119

Audrey M. Robertson

British Virgin Islands   +1 284 852 1111

Andrew Chen
Head Professional Support Lawyer - British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands   +1 284 852 1118

Rachael Pape

British Virgin Islands   +1 284 852 1114

Janice Oh

Singapore   +65 6603 0703

Preetha Pillai
Director, Head of Singapore office

Singapore   +65 6603 0707


"I enjoy working with them - they are very dependable, reliable and responsive."
- Chambers Global