Fintech, Insurtech, blockchain and smart contracts form the foundation on which businesses of the future will be built. Allow us to provide you with legal expertise on the benefits of offshore structures in establishing an entity involving digital assets and blockchain technology.

The blockchain that underpins digital currency transactions has multiple applications in the business world. Companies and investors are seeking ways to capitalize on the opportunities presented by new technologies, and innovative structures are continually evolving. Forward-looking governments are working to create the regulatory framework for vehicles using new technologies. What does this mean for you?

Legal Services for Digital Assets

If you are developing businesses involving digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and digital tokens, or are looking to invest in the sector, we have the answers you need. Your Conyers team understands the legal, regulatory and commercial issues that impact those doing business in this fast-changing arena.

We can help you with:

  • Incorporating or establishing digital asset related entities or issuers, including DAOs
  • Structuring, financing and operating fintech and blockchain entities
  • Issuing token sales and ICOs

Conyers Client Services

Through our in-house Corporate Services provider, we offer registered office and secretarial services, as well as specialised company management services, to your fintech and blockchain entities throughout their life cycles.


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