Boasting an enviable lifestyle, modern infrastructure and a highly sophisticated financial services industry and all within a short flight of Miami and other US cities, the Cayman Islands check all the boxes for individuals seeking to relocate to a tax-neutral jurisdiction.  As a result, the Cayman Islands have evolved into an increasingly popular place of residence for internationally mobile “remote-workers” and high-net-worth individuals from around the world.

For residency by investment, there are five main options to consider, each of which is summarised below.  We have also summarised a further program which allows persons to reside and work remotely in Cayman for a period of up to two years without any investment.

The first two categories, which require an investment in real estate, are the most common and straightforward routes to residency. However, for applicants who either have business interests in Cayman or are looking to establish or relocate their existing business or to work remotely, other options are available which do not require investment in real estate (these being options 3-6 listed below).

The application process for each option is relatively straightforward (subject to compiling the requisite documentation) and applications will generally be processed in a matter of months.


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