Conyers recently became aware that confidential information relating to our former Mauritius office was illegally obtained and sent to reporters working with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (“ICIJ”) and other investigative media groups.

Conyers ceased operations in Mauritius on 1 April 2018 and our former Mauritius colleagues now operate as Venture Law Limited.

Venture Law immediately engaged a third-party data security company and launched an investigation to determine the scope of the issue. This matter has been reported to the relevant authorities in Mauritius.

“Our clients are our top priority and we are sorry that their confidential business information has been stolen and made public in this way. We are investigating the sources and extent of the data theft as a matter of urgency,” said Christian Luthi, Chairman of the firm. “Our investigations to date show that only a limited number of files from our former Mauritius office were taken. Conyers is contacting clients that we know to have been affected.”

He continued, “Conyers strictly adheres to the laws of all the jurisdictions in which we operate and upon which we are asked to advise. The firm does not and will not comment on confidential matters relating to our clients. I invite clients with questions or concerns to contact me directly on [email protected].”

Mr. Luthi also noted, “We have comprehensively investigated Conyers’ information technology infrastructure, and based on our investigations to date we are confident that Conyers’ systems have not been compromised. We take information security protocols very seriously. Conyers’ technology practices regarding data protection and information security meet or exceed current industry standards. Our data security policies and procedures are certified by ISO27001.”


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