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Every ending is a new beginning

February 2019 Spencer Vickers

Before we look out towards the year ahead and imagine what new beginnings may be in store for 2019, it is worth first looking back at end of 2018 and two recent decisions in the Cayman Islands Grand Court and Court of Appeal. These decisions remind us that for every new beginning, there is an opportunity for a quick end. While at first this may seem disheartening, in the realm of commercial litigation, a quick ending is almost always the best result one can hope for.

This quarter’s article reviews the recent case law in relation to anti-suit injunctions and strike out applications in the Cayman Islands. The anti-suit injunction is a powerful tool giving parties an opportunity to bring litigation to an end before it even begins. The strike out application is similarly valuable as it can end litigation at a preliminary stage enabling parties to avoid lengthy litigation, saving time and costs.

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This article was first published in Cayman Financial Review.


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