Partner Anna Lin of Conyers’ Hong Kong office, together with Associate Tonicia Williams of Conyers’ Cayman office currently on secondment in Hong Kong, hosted our third hybrid event on the discussion of legal rights and position of bondholders in winding up proceedings on Thursday, 21 September 2023.

Following Anna and Tonicia’s recent article exploring cases similar to Re Shinsun Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. FSD 192 of 2022 (DDJ) (21 April 2023) (unreported) in other offshore and common law jurisdictions, the session focused on case studies examining the challenges faced by bondholders in winding up proceedings in the Cayman Islands, BVI and Bermuda. Anna and Tonicia also discussed legal strategies for maximising recoveries for bondholders in winding up proceedings, before opening the session to audience questions.

Over 90 attendees participated, including directors, counsel, legal professionals and company secretaries from a span of industries such as accounting, banking & securities, financial services, legal services and real estate.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank Anna and Tonicia, as well as all the event participants. Please reach out to our marketing team via [email protected] if you wish to suggest any topics for future events.

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