Conyers is pleased to announce that former St. Ignatius student Justine Rhule has been chosen as the 2020/2021 recipient of the firm’s academic scholarship, known as the Conyers’ Legal Education Award. Justine starts her first year of Law at the University of Warwick this month. “I am extremely grateful that Conyers has decided to invest in my future by providing both financial assistance as well as mentorship support in my course of study for my tertiary education. I look forward to developing transferable skills, applying them to a corporate environment and fostering the growth of the legal profession. As I enter this new and exciting chapter of my educational life, I am deeply thankful to have the support of Conyers every step of the way.”

Last year’s scholarship recipient Selena McLaughlin’s scholarship was renewed and she looks forward to starting her Legal Practice Course at the University of Law, Manchester this month. “I am deeply honored to have been awarded the legal scholarship with Conyers which has allowed me to carry out my studies at the University of Liverpool and now the University of Law for my Legal Practice Course,” said Selena. “Conyers has offered a life changing experience by introducing their recipients to a network of lawyers and articled clerks who offer guidance throughout our studies as well as an internship giving us first hand experiences in the industry.”

Conyers Cayman’s Legal Education Award awards students with a US$25,000 for the first year, renewable for a maximum of three further years, subject to satisfactory academic progress.

In addition to financial support, Conyers provides its scholarship recipient with four-week paid summer internships and mentorship opportunities throughout their course of study.

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