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Q&A with Jeffrey Elkinson, Director in the Litigation Department

November 2021 Jeffrey P. Elkinson

In the November edition of the Private Client & Trust Bulletin, we sat down with Conyers Director, Jeffrey Elkinson. Jeffrey has been with the Bermuda office of Conyers for 33 years and is a well-known arbitrator and counsel. He has three law degrees, is admitted to practise in seven jurisdictions, is a Special Assistant Attorney General for Massachusetts and sits as an Assistant Justice of the Bermuda Supreme Court. He is also a past president of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the pre-eminent global training organisation for dispute resolution. Here, Jeffrey speaks about career highlights, the push for global corporate taxation and why firewall legislation is important.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

In Litigation, there is no predicting what lies ahead in the course of a week, never mind a day. That being said, a typical day is where in the early part you get paperwork done, drafting of pleadings, letters. Advising clients either in person or by conference or Zoom call is always part of the day too, and it can be on subjects ranging from restructuring of a trust or resolution of a dispute between shareholders, to advising on Production Orders made pursuant to Tax Information Exchange Agreements. Lunch ideally involves exercising on the nearby sports field. A Supreme Court hearing in the afternoon sitting as a judge of the Supreme Court and then back to the office. Late afternoons can be chairing meetings of either the Bar Professional Conduct Committee or the Police Complaints Authority.



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Q&A with Jeffrey Elkinson, Director in the Litigation Department



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