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There Is Such a Thing as a Good Divorce

Few areas of our lives have been unaffected by the ripple effects of the pandemic and relationships are no exception. Health and financial worries are well-known stressors on any marriage, but COVID-19 restrictions also forced many couples into unusually close proximity. Whilst the extra time together was no doubt welcomed by some, for many it may have forced existing cracks in the relationship to breaking point.

The idea of divorce often still conjures images of warring spouses and courtroom showdowns. However, although almost all separations will be emotional, bitter fights over finances and access to children are not the inevitable outcome of a separation and there is a growing trend for parties to turn to services which offer a less combative approach to separations. Take Bill and Melinda Gates for example, they are the latest high-profile pairing to divorce with seemingly minimal fallout.

No doubt the Gates’ divorce saw a great amount of negotiations behind the scenes (it would be difficult to avoid given the magnitude of their assets). But whatever disagreements did take place, they didn’t spill onto the public stage. Their relationship has remained sufficiently cordial that they have each been able to continue working in their foundation — a prospect which would fill many ex partners with dread.

This article was first published in The Royal Gazette.


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There Is Such a Thing as a Good Divorce


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