Effective 6:00 am on 31 March 2022, Bermuda has revoked its mask requirements save for when inside a “mask-mandated facility”.

Individuals – including visitors, passengers, employees and operators – must continue to wear masks in the following facilities:

  • When travelling by bus or ferry (not including the outside of decks), or by taxi, minibus or limousine.
  •  Inside at L.F. Wade International Airport.
  •  Inside the hospital or other health services. Examples listed in the Guidance include health services such as dental facilities and laboratories, and health service providers such as doctors or dentists, nurses and physiotherapists.
  •  Inside residential care establishments or facilities.
  •  Inside corrections facilities.

Failure to comply with the Regulations is an offence and can result in fines and penalty tickets.

As for mask wearing in other settings (including shops, restaurants, bars, beauty salons and offices and any other place that is not a “mask mandated facility”), it will be for the business owner or operator to decide what policy to implement and enforce.

Government Guidance now strongly recommends (but does not mandate) businesses to set mask requirements for entry and to have clear policies regarding mask wearing on their premises. Such policies could apply to staff only or to customers only, or both. Guidance also recommends all persons to wear masks when not able to maintain physical distancing of 2 metres/6 feet.

More detailed recommendations can be found in the Government Guidance, but it will now be for businesses to determine what is suitable for their premises.

In making these decisions on what policies to implement, employers should continue to consider their obligations under applicable health and safety legislation.

If you would like more information or advice in respect of the matters raised in this alert, please contact Ben Adamson or Sarah Blair.

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