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Getting ready for the big day – keys for planning a successful virtual trial

October 2021 Emily SoErnest Bickley

British Virgin Islands (“BVI”) companies are widely used as corporate vehicles for joint ventures in Asia, especially at their pre-listing stage. There are over 450,000 active BVI companies set-up by users around the world. From time to time, shareholder disputes arise out of the affairs of these BVI vehicles, which often hold valuable business in Asia. Substantive trials lasting weeks over disputes between Asian shareholders are not uncommon in the BVI Commercial Court.

Covid-19 has posed challenges to effective case-management in the BVI as elsewhere. As disputes before the BVI Commercial Court will invariably have international elements, the judiciary and legal practitioners have cooperated to develop practical solutions to minimise the disturbance caused by the pandemic.

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This article was first published in ALB magazine.


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