Now that you have incorporated in Bermuda or established your Bermuda trust, the next step is to set up an office on the island.

Conyers is here to help. We can provide a full suite of services to make the process of setting up and running an office in Bermuda as smooth as possible, and can meet any other legal needs that arise during the lifetime of your company or trust.

Establishing your office

Over many decades we have helped thousands of businesses and individuals establish in Bermuda.

There are many factors to take into account, including:

  • Employment considerations (immigration, contracts)
  • Employer responsibilities (payroll tax, social insurance, pensions, health insurance)
  • Premises and residential accommodation
  • Moving family and household

Running your office

Once you are set up, Conyers can provide ongoing corporate, trust and management services via our affiliated Conyers Client Services group, as a cost-effective alternative to employing staff for those purposes in Bermuda. The close relationship between the law firm and our client services companies enhances the quality and efficiency of the services we deliver.

Supporting your evolving business needs

We value long-term partnerships with our clients and hope that you will turn to us whenever you need legal advice.

If you are looking to grow, our corporate department can assist. If you want to restructure a trust to extend its duration or improve tax efficiencies, our Private Clients attorneys can help. And in case of disputes, our Litigation department is the acknowledged leader on the Island.

Belinda Wright

Immigration Client Services Manager


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