This publication has been prepared for the assistance of anyone who wishes to acquire residential property in Bermuda. It deals in broad terms with the requirements of Bermuda law and, where applicable, the policies of the Bermuda Government. It is not intended to be exhaustive but merely to provide general information to our clients and their professional advisers. In particular, it is not intended to deal with acquisitions by non-Bermudians married to Bermudians, non-Bermudians acquiring property for their Bermudian children or grandchildren or by corporations since, in each case, special rules apply.

We recommend that our clients seek legal advice in Bermuda on their specific proposals before taking any steps to implement them.

With over 75 years of experience in the Bermuda property market, Conyers can advise on any real estate deal on the island, whether standard or complex, residential or commercial. Connect with our Bermuda real estate team today.


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