Buying real estate can be a complicated procedure, especially in Bermuda where different rules apply for local and international buyers. However, if you work with experienced real estate lawyers it can be a painless process.

With over 75 years of experience advising on Bermuda real estate laws, Conyers can advise on any real estate deal on the island, whether standard or complex, residential or commercial. Our clients range from local home owners to international property developers. Like all Bermuda attorneys, our charges for property transfers are made in accordance with a scale established by the Bermuda Bar Association.

Bermuda Real Estate Laws

Our team of experts can assist you with property sales or purchases, leases and financing, including mortgages. Should the need for litigation arise, we can handle all aspects of civil and commercial arbitration and litigation. With our combination of technical expertise and market knowledge, you know your deal is in safe hands.

Real Estate in Bermuda

The acquisition of Bermuda real estate by non-Bermudians is restricted by the Bermuda Government to those properties, both freehold and leasehold, forming the upper end of the real estate market, along with those linked to hotel developments. The intention of this restriction is to preserve the majority of the housing stock and undeveloped residential land for Bermudian ownership. There are no restrictions regarding which properties Bermudians may purchase. Download a copy of our Acquiring Property in Bermuda overview.

Whether or not a property is available for purchase by foreigners is determined by its annual rental value (“ARV”) ascribed by the Government valuation department. Presently, only houses with an ARV above BM$126,000 and condos with an ARV above BM$25,800 qualify. Realtors typically indicate if a property is available for purchase by foreign buyers.

Non-Bermudians require a licence from the Minister of Home Affairs before they are granted permission to buy a house or leasehold condominium. The application, which must refer to a specific property, may take between four and six months to approve. Conyers’ Bermuda real estate lawyers can assist with licence applications.

Buyers of local property need to use a Bermuda real estate lawyer. With no title insurance in Bermuda, the purchaser needs to confirm the title is in order through their attorney. We can assist you in determining whether you will acquire good title to any property before you buy.

Leasing Residential Property in Bermuda

Both local and international property buyers can benefit by looking at leasehold properties, a larger proportion of which tend to be more affordable and more readily available to non-Bermudians than freehold property.

Leasing Commercial Property in Bermuda

Our team can assist with the Bermuda real estate laws, in particular the negotiation process and drafting of leases and contracts for commercial properties.

Financing For Bermuda properties

Our attorneys have a wealth of experience in all kinds of property financing, including residential and commercial mortgages and project financing. We work with all major banks in Bermuda and act extensively for both lenders and borrowers.

Legal Services For Bermuda Property Developers

We have extensive experience working on large residential, commercial, condominium, hotel and resort property deals in Bermuda. Our attorneys understand the opportunities and challenges associated within the property development business and are able to advise developers on the entire spectrum of legal issues that may arise, from obtaining permits to drafting construction contracts to project financing.

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

Conyers can handle all aspects of civil and commercial arbitration and litigation in connection with residential or commercial property.

Estate planning, Wills & Power of Attorney

Property is generally your most important asset. We can help you plan for the future and protect the interests of your heirs by advising on estate planning, wills and powers of attorney. In addition to your real estate needs, do not forget to inquire about these additional services.