Conyers Dill & Pearman has launched its British Virgin Islands Funds eTool to service those looking to set up an investment fund in the jurisdiction. The announcement follows the firm’s launch of its Cayman Islands Funds eTool in January 2018, which represented a first of its kind for offshore investment funds.

Drawing on Conyers’ extensive experience and knowledge in the global funds market, the BVI eTool allows users to answer a few short questions and be provided with a suggested fund option in minutes, replacing the need for extensive online research.

“We are delighted to launch our BVI Funds eTool,” said Piers Alexander, Partner Hong Kong Office, “Our goal in designing the eTool was to develop a solution that would generate helpful insights for clients early on in the decision-making process. The end product has exceeded our expectations in the level and quality of information it provides. This in turn, has led to more productive discussions when clients are ready to reach out for advice.”

The BVI is the second largest offshore jurisdiction for hedge funds globally and a prominent and flourishing jurisdiction for establishing offshore investment funds, generally. The BVI’s flexibility in offering alternative regulatory regimes for small to mid-sized hedge fund groups makes it an efficient proposition to establish investment managers and advisers in the BVI. This is one of the many advantages that makes the BVI a leading domicile for offshore hedge funds.

Robert Briant, Partner and Head of the Corporate Department in the British Virgin Islands added, “Client service and innovation are at the heart of our business. By offering an intelligent online platform like the BVI eTool, we are providing a value-added solution, which helps individuals identify their fund objectives in a quick and efficient format.”

Click below to try the eTool:

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