Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority

As of 1 April, 2020 the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) will no longer issue hardcopies of any BCAA Certificates, Approvals or other documents it issues with a hand-written signature or an embossed ink stamp.

The BCAA is required, under the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order, to issue certain signed documents to owners and operators of Bermuda registered aircraft, upon satisfaction of certain requirements signifying the BCAA’s approval. Some of these documents are also required to be carried on board, in accordance with AN(OT) O Part 20 and OTAR Part 91.

The BCAA had planned to stop issuing ‘original’ certificates in 2021. However, due to Covid-19 and the changes in people’s working arrangements, namely most people working remotely from home, it was necessary to implement the changes now. The form and content of the BCAA Certificates, Approvals and other documents will remain unchanged

The new digitally signed, electronic versions will contain a digital ID certificate and will be deemed to be the ‘original’ document. The new electronic documents will contain a handwritten signature, an impression of the BCAA stamp and a digital identifier of the person signing, which contains the date and time of the signature. Owners and operators may carry these digital copies in any approved Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) or other digital media carrier, capable of displaying the document in PDF format. This will be sufficient to satisfy the requirement for the carriage of an original certificate on-board.

Regulatory Authority

The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda (RA) is, among other things, responsible for issuing Class Six Radio Licences to Bermuda registered aircraft. In present circumstances due to Covid-19, the RA will only be issuing electronic copies of radio licences. The documents will contain electronic signatures and stamps.

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