Recognised as a global leader in private client advice, our Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands (BVI) Private Client & Trust teams have been working with clients in the Middle East for decades. Our experienced team of lawyers has advised families and businesses in the region to plan for the transmission of wealth and maximise charitable and business objectives. We wish to keep you updated on topics we hope you and your families will find of interest.

Shares in BVI Business Companies – Avoiding a Succession Problem

BVI business companies are often used for private wealth structuring purposes. However, where the shares in a BVI business company are registered in the name of an individual rather than a corporate entity, a question will arise concerning the succession to the shares in the event of the death of the individual. The aims of succession planning are both to provide a reliable answer to this question and to reduce substantially the delay and cost involved in ensuring that effect is given to the individual’s wishes, so far as they may be lawfully achieved, concerning succession. Read more

The Rise and Rise of Cayman Foundation Companies

Cayman Foundation Companies are booming in popularity. Since their introduction in 2017, Cayman Foundations have found their feet and are proving to be an increasingly popular structuring vehicle in a range of different commercial and private wealth contexts.

The growth in the popularity of Foundation Companies has been turbocharged by the parallel growth in Cayman’s FinTech sector, which has found that the unique features of a Foundation Company are well suited to innovative new organisational structures, such as decentralised autonomous organisations (DAO). This article will explore the features and uses of Cayman Foundation Companies. Read more

Private Trust Companies

Many high net worth individuals and families use a private trust company (PTC) when looking to structure their family wealth. A PTC can be a suitable option for settlors and family members that are reluctant to relinquish control over the assets transferred into a trust. A well-drafted and properly governed PTC, together with Cayman’s robust legal and regulatory framework, can provide a useful trustee option and a structured forum for settlors and their families to effectively deal with the administration of trust structures. Read more

Private Aviation Brochure

Conyers is at the forefront of the offshore air finance industry, with a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced aviation professionals who regularly advise and assist on transactions relating to the acquisition, financing and registration of private and commercial aircraft jets. This team works closely alongside our private client team to develop ownership structures suitable for high-net-worth individuals.

Download the Conyers Private Aviation brochure here.


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