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Directorship Services

Companies and funds incorporated in Bermuda, the BVI or the Cayman Islands require non-executive independent directors who can be relied upon to take fiduciary responsibility for their interests and ensure that all their regulatory responsibilities are met.

Independent Directors and Corporate Governance

Conyers Corporate Services is a market-leader in providing first class locally-based directorship services in all three jurisdictions. We can provide you with a supportive, proactive and comprehensive service that is aligned to your specific needs, including, where possible, directors with experience in your industry. The close relationship with Conyers law firm ensures that legal advice is readily and quickly available, whenever required.

Our professional directors have a detailed understanding of all regulations governing companies and funds in our jurisdictions. Acting in the best interests of your company, they will:

  • Provide central management and control in the jurisdiction of incorporation
  • Attend regular board meetings, in person or by conference call, as frequently as required
  • Ensure strategic, commercial and policy decisions are recorded and filed in the minute book
  • Review proposed changes to statutory documentation, including the company’s memorandum and articles of association
  • For investment funds, reviewing offering documents
  • Authorise payments
  • Review and approve agreements and contracts with third parties
  • Review and approve annual financial statements
  • Facilitate opening of bank accounts
  • Conduct Board reviews
  • Assist with drafting of governance policies

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