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Governance Services

High standards of corporate governance balance the interests of a company’s diverse stakeholders and underpin the framework for achieving corporate objectives. These standards are the responsibility of the directors.  With legal requirements constantly being updated and varying between jurisdictions, internal directors can benefit from specialist help.

Conyers has a wealth of experience in all aspects of corporate governance. We can collaborate with boards to develop action plans that improve board composition and skill sets, and advise on best corporate practices, policies and procedures, as well as compliance and communications. We also provide external directors with specialist skills who can strengthen the depth and acuity of a company’s governance.

Our board support services ensure a transparent management approach, to provide the comfort of a well-run infrastructure and enhance credibility with third parties such as investors, regulatory agencies and the media.

Our corporate governance services include:

  • Preparation of corporate governance frameworks and other policies and protocols
  • Governance audit
  • Board evaluation
  • Board induction and orientation, particularly senior management responsibilities and directors’ fiduciary duties
  • Directors’ training
  • Director and alternate director services
  • Board succession planning

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