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Bermuda Land Title Registration: Your Questions Answered

A public register of land ownership in Bermuda was created for the first time by The Land Title Registration Act, 2011, which came into full effect in August 2018. Land Title Registration is intended to provide certainty of ownership backed by a Government guarantee, simplify proof and transmission of ownership, and, over time, move Bermuda from its current system of unregistered land title to a more modern system of dealing with land rights. Bermuda landowners may have a number of questions concerning Land Title Registration, which we aim to answer in this article.

Am I required to apply for registration of title to my property?

Title to a property must be registered at the Land Title Registry Office (LTRO) following either:

  1. a sale and purchase transaction (but not when land is gifted or transferred voluntarily)
  2. a mortgage (but not when an existing mortgage loan is increased by way of further charge).

The triggers for compulsory registration may be extended at a future date but, currently, there is no indication that this will happen any time soon.

In addition the LTRO will accept applications for voluntary registrations by existing land owners.


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Bermuda Land Title Registration: Your Questions Answered


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