We are pleased to bring you the summer 2022 edition of Conyers Coverage, the Cayman Islands insurance newsletter.

The Cayman Islands insurance and reinsurance industry has had a strong start to the year and Conyers is honoured to be at the forefront of what is an exciting period of growth and change for the industry locally.

We cover a lot of ground in this edition.  We discuss some key themes emerging in the Cayman Islands (re)insurance market from a regulatory perspective as well as some developments, deal highlights, and new legislation, including some interesting updates from our litigation colleagues. We round off the update by introducing you to another member of our growing team who offers fiduciary and corporate services supplementary to Conyers legal services, as well as sharing some pictures of our recent volleyball tournament!

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Paul Scrivener

Independent Consultant

Cayman Islands

Kevin C. Butler

Partner, Head of Cayman Islands Office

Cayman Islands

Alex Potts KC

Partner, Head of Cayman Islands Litigation & Restructuring

Cayman Islands

Jarladth Travers

Head of Conyers FIG (Cayman) Limited

Cayman Islands

Mark Mugglestone

Vice President at Conyers FIG (Cayman) Limited

Cayman Islands

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