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Six Reasons for Investment Fund Managers to Locate in Bermuda

The introduction of economic substance requirements in offshore jurisdictions has sharpened the impetus for investment fund managers to establish a physical office where their funds are incorporated. Here are six good reasons to choose Bermuda.

  1. An established funds community

Bermuda is a significant centre for both traditional and alternative investments including funds, private equity and insurance-linked securities (ILS). Some highly respected names in the investment world – including Orbis, Fidelity International and Nephila Capital – have headquarters or offices in Bermuda, with investment professionals on the ground.

Bermuda receives high marks from international standard-setting agencies such as FATF and the OECD compared to other offshore jurisdictions, confirming its standing as a well-respected international financial centre.

For alternative fund managers, especially those with “contrarian” approaches, being based in Bermuda allows a fresh perspective, away from the herd in New York and London.


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Six Reasons for Investment Fund Managers to Locate in Bermuda


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