Count on us to provide calm, authoritative guidance on all your Cayman Islands regulatory and risk management requirements. We can help you with everything from proactive guidance, insight into regulatory developments and dealing with regulatory bodies to advising on investigations and providing robust representation where litigation arises.

As the regulatory environment continues to tighten and become more complex and with stronger enforcement by regulators, your dedicated Conyers Regulatory & Risk Advisory team can assist you with our comprehensive advisory and litigation capability. We aim to support our clients at all points of contact involving regulation, from advising on policy and compliance through to counselling on investigations, should that be necessary, and representing you in disputes with the regulatory authorities.

Our Regulatory & Risk Advisory team comprises lawyers who have extensive expertise in both corporate law and litigation, offering you an overarching perspective on regulation and providing peace of mind in what can often be highly fraught situations. Our team is headed by experienced litigator and regulatory specialist Róisín Liddy-Murphy.

We have specialist expertise in and knowledge of the regulatory environment in many key sectors, including insurance, funds, trusts and private clients.

Our services

Conyers’ Regulatory and Risk Advisory team can help you understand and manage all of the regulatory requirements for business operations in the Cayman Islands, including:

CIMA Licensing and Ongoing Advisory and Regulatory Work

  • Advising on all aspects of CIMA licensing
  • Ongoing regulatory requirements for licensees
  • CIMA filings
  • Advising on the administrative fines law
  • Regulatory enforcement and negotiating regulatory settlements
  • Onsite and offsite inspection and advising on potential exposures
  • Mock regulatory inspections and regulatory reviews to support internal audit function

Automatic Exchange of Information Regulatory Review, Classification and Reporting

  • FATCA classification and reporting
  • CRS classification and reporting
  • BEPS Country by Country reporting

Economic Substance

  • Economic Substance classification and reporting

Beneficial Ownership

  • Beneficial Ownership maintenance of registers
  • Assisting on enforcement regulatory actions

Anti-Money Laundering/ CFT/ Sanctions Procedures and Requirements

  • Advising on AML/CFT Laws and Procedures
  • Advising on SARS
  • Assisting drafting manuals and best practice guidance
  • Assisting with Know Your Client Due Diligence Requirements
  • Assisting with mock regulatory AML/CFT reviews
  • Management of fraud/forensic enquiries
  • Advising on sanction requirements and specific licence applications

Confidentiality Laws

  • Advising on data protection laws
  • Advising on extraterritorial reach of foreign data protection laws
  • Advising on data processing agreements
  • Advising on confidentiality requirements generally

Fund Advisory Regulatory Services

  • Advising on regulatory filings and licensing requirements
  • Advising on AML/Licensing Policy Procedures
  • Advising on ongoing best practice procedures
  • Assisting with internal audits

Administrative Fines Act, Regulation and Compliance

  • Advising on administrative fines
  • Liaising with the Cayman Islands’ regulators and enforcement agencies
  • Interpretation and application of regulatory policy (under rules, regulations, CIMA’s Regulatory Handbook, CIMA’s Enforcement Manual, and statements of guidance)
  • Legal and regulatory reviews and reports
  • Legal and regulatory training


Róisín Liddy-Murphy

Partner, Head of Regulatory & Risk Advisory (Cayman)

British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands

Erik Bodden

Partner, Co-Head of Cayman Islands Litigation & Restructuring

Cayman Islands

Robert Lindley

Partner, Head of Cayman & BVI Private Client & Trust

British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands

Kiah Estwick

Senior Associate

Cayman Islands

Tonicia Williams

Senior Associate

Cayman Islands

All Cayman Islands Regulatory & Risk Advisory Contacts