A warm welcome to our latest edition of Conyers Coverage. It’s been a dizzying year to date for the Cayman Islands (re)insurance industry, so it’s time for some updates and insights.

The momentum is real and the pipeline is strong. Particularly so following significant interest subsequent to the Cayman Reinsurance Roundtable in New York in January and various other conferences including Refocus in February. I believe we are at an inflection point and I’ve taken some time to reflect on the factors driving this “Virtuous Circle”. Philippa touches on more of the micro factors as to why reinsurers are ramping up in Cayman and the rest of the team have weighed in with a host of updates on new rules and regulations including important deadline reminders and other industry news and views. We also have some topical updates from our litigation and regulatory colleagues and you’ll find out more about some new team members and services.

If you’d like to know anything more on any of the topics discussed or learn more about what Cayman has to offer, please do reach out we’re always happy to chat.

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Nicholas Ward

Senior Associate

Cayman Islands

Róisín Liddy-Murphy

Partner, Head of Regulatory & Risk Advisory (Cayman)

British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands

Erik Bodden

Partner, Co-Head of Cayman Islands Litigation & Restructuring

Cayman Islands

Jonathon Milne

Partner, Co-Head of Cayman Islands Litigation & Restructuring

Cayman Islands

Jarladth Travers

Head of Conyers FIG (Cayman) Limited

Cayman Islands

Mark Mugglestone

Vice President at Conyers FIG (Cayman) Limited

Cayman Islands

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