Conyers Hong Kong and Singapore offices hosted a hybrid webinar series this month to help keep clients and contacts up to date on legal and regulatory requirements in Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands.

As social distancing policy relieves, we can now host hybrid sessions to meet the needs of our audiences. They can choose to attend in person or virtually.

Breaking previous records in the now fifth series, the sessions were attended by over 1,200 highly-engaged attendees. Participants included CEOs, CFOs, general counsel, investment managers, onshore lawyers, accountants and company secretaries from various industries. While some were based in Hong Kong, other participants joined virtually from the PRC, Singapore and even different time zones such as Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The series consisted of five sessions and was a reflection of our full services and calibre. The topics spanned across capital markets, investment funds, restructuring and insolvency, and dispute resolution. The speakers also set aside time to conduct Q&A sessions to interact and discuss tricky legal issues with the attendees.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all of our attendees for their participation and enthusiasm, and our speakers for generously sharing their insights through the sessions.

In-Person and Online Sessions

Session 1: At a Glance: Recent Changes to the BVI Business Companies Act You Should Know About

This session was a collaboration between our Corporate team and Dispute & Resolution team, delivered by Hong Kong Corporate Partner Wynne Lau and Litigation Partner Anna Lin. They provided a practical overview of recent changes to company law in the British Virgin Islands and considered the potential impacts on BVI companies.

Session 2: Recent Regulatory Developments affecting Cayman Investment Funds

Hong Kong Partner Piers Alexander joined Counsel Christopher Page to discuss recent regulatory developments in the Cayman Islands, their impact on the operation of Cayman Investment Funds, and the important steps needed to ensure compliance.

Webinar Sessions

Session 3: Schemes of Arrangement – Restructuring in the Cayman Islands

Hong Kong Partner Richard Hall teamed up with Senior Associate Ryan McConvey to explain Schemes of Arrangement and how a Cayman Scheme might be used.

Session 4: Electronic Signature – Overview of the Bermuda, BVI and Cayman Islands Legal Framework

Singapore Counsel Stacie Seetho and Associate Yan Li shared an overview of the legislative framework for the use of electronic signatures in Bermuda, BVI and Cayman Islands.

Session 5: Comparison of Laws in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands

In this session, Hong Kong Partner Angie Chu and Associate Felicity Lee spoke about the similarities and differences among company law in Bermuda, the BVI and the Cayman Islands.

Please reach out to our Hong Kong Marketing team via [email protected] if you wish to suggest any topics for our future events.

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