The true value of expertise in developing the most effective strategy for finding assets lies not only in establishing liability for economic torts, fraud, breaches of fiduciary duties and other such causes of action. It is also key at the enforcement stage of proceedings. An award or judgment is as good as the assets against which a successful party can identify and locate.

Asset Tracing & Recovery Services

Assets come in all forms: tangible, intangible, fungible, crypto, real estate and causes of action, to name but a few. With the assistance of forensic accounting experts in locating and tracing assets, the Conyers BVI team are adept at recovering assets in all forms and have been doing so for clients over the last twenty years. The development of a broad range of access to effective relief in the form of freezing injunctions, preservation orders, delivery up orders and targeted disclosure, in traditional document as well as electronic form, has proven crucial in today’s world of crypto and blockchain asset identification and recovery. In this dawning age of artificial intelligence we embrace the application of AI tools in assisting these efforts, which can only increase the prospects of full and productive asset recovery for our clients.

BVI Legal Services

Our litigation and restructuring team of ten skilled advocates is by far the most seasoned practice in the BVI. We frequently advise and have full rights of audience in relation to the jurisdiction’s most complex and highest value litigation and emergency interim relief, and are unrivalled in formulating the most effective strategies to achieve successful dispute outcomes. We have broad expertise in cross-border restructuring and insolvency, particularly in liquidation and asset tracing matters, including shareholder and creditor schemes of arrangement for both solvent and insolvent companies. Combining our many years of experience at the forefront of this area of business, along with our deep understanding of the ever-changing landscape of the most effective strategies deployed, means asset tracing and recovery offshore is a highly achievable expectation.

Trustee and Executor Fraud, Sham Trusts

We have unmatched expertise in acting for trustees, executors and beneficiaries on the full spectrum of trust matters, including obtaining emergency freezing and disclosure orders and conducting and coordinating national and international fraud investigations. Our lawyers are skilled at identifying fraudulent conduct as well as pursuing, securing and preserving information and assets, ensuring we always take the most efficient approach whether a tried-and-tested route or an innovative solution.

Crypto and Fintech

The BVI has evolved into a favoured jurisdiction for crypto launches by virtue of its strong regulatory framework and state-of-the-art professional services infrastructure. The Conyers team has acted for the largest creditor in the largest crypto insolvency to date and regularly works with leading onshore firms to secure asset recovery in this specialist field. We regularly advise a broad client base that includes directors, investors, office holders and creditors.

Assisting Arbitrations across the Globe

As a centre for company incorporation from many parts of the world, BVI companies are often drawn into arbitrations under different rules in many different jurisdictions. In response to this, the BVI has developed a sophisticated and pragmatic regime for foreign arbitration proceedings and the enforcement of arbitral awards, with modern arbitration legislation and updated procedure rules to enable speedy and effective relief. We regularly obtain injunctions and assistance orders to facilitate overseas proceedings, including third party disclosure orders and freezing order relief.


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