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Insurance & Reinsurance

The insurance sector is ever-evolving in response to the changing risk landscape. Re/insurance companies require legal advisers with extensive market experience, who offer strategic solutions that will allow their business to grow and adapt over the long-term.

Conyers’ Insurance & Reinsurance practice continues to lead the way in providing offshore legal advice to many of the world’s top insurers. We advise on the laws of Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. Our lawyers are commercially focused and are experts in all aspects of insurance, reinsurance, captives, alternative risk transfer, catastrophe bonds and other insurance-linked securities. We have contributed to drafting the legislation and regulations in each of our jurisdictions, which has greatly impacted the client experience in the sector as a whole and demonstrates Conyers’ exceptional level of knowledge, expertise and value-added services.

Formation and Structuring of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies

Bermuda Insurance & Reinsurance

In Bermuda, we are a market leader in the insurance & reinsurance sector, advising approximately half of all Class 4 and Class E companies (the largest of the commercial insurers), as well as a substantial majority of all other classes of insurers, including captive and special purpose insurers.

We regularly advise on the structuring and licensing of general insurance companies, long-term insurance companies, special purpose insurers and composite companies.

Our lawyers are at the forefront of Bermuda’s Insurance-Linked Securities sector. In 2019, the ILS market in Bermuda reached US$34.72 billion. Continued growth in this area is fueled by the increasing global importance of ILS, both as a risk management tool and as a diversified asset class for investors.

Cayman Islands Insurance & Reinsurance

The Cayman Islands insurance & reinsurance sector has experienced significant growth in recent years. Globally, Cayman is the second largest domicile for captive insurance and the pre-eminent jurisdiction for businesses in the healthcare space. The reinsurance industry continues to gather momentum with particular interest from North American life and annuity carriers. The relatively recent introduction of Portfolio Insurance Companies has proved a useful option in a variety of contexts including in M&A structures and as specialist run-off vehicles.

Our Cayman practitioners are specifically trained and dedicated insurance lawyers who have a thorough understanding of the industry and its participants. We advise clients on a wide range of insurance structuring, licensing, financing and related transactions and offer comprehensive on-going legal and regulatory advice to such insurers and reinsurers following formation and licensing.

Legal, Compliance & Regulatory Review factsheet

Legal, Compliance & Regulatory Review factsheet
Ensure that your captive is in compliance with its obligations in a changing legal and regulatory environment. Download our factsheet here.

Cayman Islands Portfolio Insurance Companies

Cayman Islands Portfolio Insurance Companies Video
Wondering how a Portfolio Insurance Company works? Watch our video to learn how insurers or reinsurers established in the Cayman Islands as Segregated Portfolio Companies can leverage the added risk management benefits of a PIC.

Insurance-Linked Securities and Catastrophe Bonds

For Insurance-Linked Securities, our range of expertise and services includes:

  • Catastrophe Bonds
  • Alternatives Risk Transfer
  • Insurance securitizations and transformer structures
  • Insurance Derivatives
  • Collateralized reinsurance or retrocession vehicles

Litigation and Insolvency

Conyers’ Insurance & Reinsurance practice is complemented by an experienced team of litigators who have been involved in a number of high-profile insurance and reinsurance disputes, and who regularly advise insurance companies on their insolvency proceedings and restructurings.

Leading Counsel for Insurance Companies

Conyers Dill & Pearman advises on all aspects of corporate and commercial law for the insurance sector in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands. With offices in the major international financial centres of Hong KongLondon and Singapore, we are able to provide timely, responsive and thorough legal services. We are also well equipped to service the Middle East North Africa market, with lawyers who have thorough expertise and understanding of the region.

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18 Mar 2021
Conyers advises International General Insurance Holdings Ltd. on the completion of its business combination with special purpose acquisition company Tiberius Acquisition Corporation and IGI’s subsequent listing on NASDAQ.

01 Mar 2021
Conyers advises Sector Re V Limited on its US$44 million Series 2021-Mar Class GL-N/R note issuance

26 Feb 2021
Conyers advised Sirius International Insurance Group, Ltd. on its strategic merger with Third Point Reinsurance Ltd.

23 Feb 2021
Conyers advises FloodSmart Re Ltd. on its US$575 million Series 2021-1 note offering and listing

15 Feb 2021
Conyers advises Mosaic Insurance Holdings Limited in connection with the launch of its global specialty insurance platform

07 Jan 2021
Conyers advises Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc. in connection with the establishment of a new Class C affiliated reinsurer

02 Dec 2020
Conyers advised Conduit Holdings Limited on its US$1.1 billion IPO

02 Nov 2020
Conyers is advising Watford Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ: WTRE) on its pending acquisition by Arch Capital Group Ltd.

29 Oct 2020
Conyers advises Northshore Re II Limited on its US$150 million Series 2021-1 note offering and listing

20 Oct 2020
Conyers advises Fidelis Insurance Holdings Limited on its US$125 million fixed-rate reset junior subordinated note offering and listing

01 Oct 2020
Conyers advises White Mountains on its acquisition of Ark Insurance Holdings

05 Aug 2020
Conyers advises Sirius International Insurance Group on its combination with ThirdPoint Reinsurance Ltd.

18 Jun 2020
Conyers advises Fidelis Insurance Holdings Limited on its US$300 million senior note offering and listing

14 Jun 2020
Conyers advises TigerRisk Partners LLC on its partnership with private equity firm Flexpoint Ford, LLC

14 Jun 2020
Conyers advises Partner Re Ltd. on its US$500 million notes issuance

03 Jun 2020
Conyers advises the Carlyle Group on its acquisition of a 71.5% stake in Fortitude Group Holdings

27 May 2020
Conyers advises GreyCastle Holdings Ltd. on its sale to Monument Re Limited

01 Mar 2020
Conyers advises Athene Holding Ltd on a restructuring of shares

08 Jan 2020
Conyers advises Liberty Mutual on its latest reinsurance sidecar transaction

06 Jan 2020
Conyers advises RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd. on a secondary offering of shares

01 Jan 2020
Conyers advises London Life Insurance Company on its amalgamation with Great-West Life Assurance Company and Canada Life Assurance Company

29 Nov 2019
Conyers advises Arch Capital Group Ltd. on its acquisition of Barbican Group Holdings Limited

17 Oct 2019
Conyers advises on the establishment and licensing of Bellemeade Re 2019-4 Ltd. as a special purpose insurer

01 Oct 2019
Conyers advises to International General Insurance Holdings Ltd. on its business combination with Tiberius Acquisition Corp

31 May 2019
Conyers advises Pacific Investment Management Company LLC with the formation and launch of Newport Re Ltd.

28 Mar 2019
Conyers advises Watford Holdings Ltd. in connection with its listing of up to 3.6 billion common shares

15 Feb 2019
Conyers advises Apollo Global Management, LLC in connection with its US$2.6 billion acquisition of Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited

28 Dec 2018
Conyers advises Liberty Mutual in connection with its reinsurance sidecar transaction through Limestone Re

28 Nov 2018
Conyers advises on the licensing of Enstar and Allianz’ joint venture

14 Nov 2018
Conyers advises The Carlyle Group in connection with its acquisition of 19.9% of Fortitude Group Holdings, LLC

31 Oct 2018
Conyers advises Neubeger Berman Group LLC in connection with its acquisition of Cartesian Re

27 Jul 2018
Conyers advises FloodSmart Re 2018-1, the first catastrophe bond sponsored by the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

18 Jul 2018
Conyers advises lenders on US$1 billion loan facility for Hiscox group of companies

25 Jun 2018
Conyers advises Limestone Re Ltd on its US$278 million notes issuance

05 Mar 2018
Conyers advises AXA in connection with its US$15.3 billion agreement to acquire XL Group

04 Feb 2018
Conyers advises on the licensing of Munich Re of Bermuda, Ltd.

06 Dec 2017
Conyers advises AXIS Specialty Finance PLC on the issuance of US$350 million 4.0% Senior Notes due 2027

29 Sep 2017
Conyers advises OneBeacon Insurance Group, Ltd. and White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd. in connection with the US$1.7 billion acquisition of OneBeacon by Intact Financial Corporation

22 Sep 2017
Conyers advised Sirius International Group Ltd. on its Swedish Krona (“SEK”) 2.75 billion (approximately US$340 million) Floating Rate Callable Subordinated Note offering

11 Aug 2017
Conyers advises Essent Group Ltd. in connection with a public offering of five million common shares

02 May 2017
Conyers advises Oaktown Re Ltd. on its first securitization of mortgage insurance portfolio risks

02 May 2017
Conyers advises Integrity Re Ltd. on the launch of its US$210 million Note Program

14 Apr 2017
Conyers advises Pelican IV Re Ltd. on the launch of its US$100 million Note Program

30 Mar 2017
Conyers advised Sanders Re Ltd. on its US$375 million notes issuance

05 Jan 2017
Conyers advises Elliott Management Corporation on their acquisition of Aeolus Capital Management Ltd.

03 Jan 2017
Conyers advises Arch Capital Group Ltd. on its acquisition of United Guaranty Corporation (UGC) from American International Group, Inc. (AIG)

30 Dec 2016
Conyers advises Fibonacci Reinsurance Ltd. on its US$140 million notes issuance

15 Dec 2016
Conyers advises Enstar Group Limited on the establishment and capitalization of KaylaRe Holdings Ltd.

14 Dec 2016
Conyers advises Athene Holding Ltd on its US$1.1 billion IPO

07 Nov 2016
Conyers advises AXIS Capital Holdings Limited on its US$550 million offering

19 Oct 2016
Conyers advises Somerset Reinsurance Ltd. on its US$375 million common share capitalization

01 Jul 2016
Conyers advises on the establishment, capitalization and registration of Harrington Re Ltd.

14 Jun 2016
Conyers advises Maiden Holdings, Ltd. on its offering of US$110 million Senior Notes

14 Mar 2016
Conyers advises Akibare Re Ltd. on its US$200 million notes offering

10 Mar 2016
Conyers advises Manatee Re Ltd. on its US$95 million notes offering

21 Dec 2015
Conyers advises Eden Re II Ltd. on a US$360 million notes offering

09 Nov 2015
Conyers advises Kilimanjaro Re Ltd. on its $US6.25 Million Notes Issuance

01 Sep 2015
Conyers advises Qatar Reinsurance Company Limited on its re-domicile to Bermuda

17 Aug 2015
Conyers advises Bellemeade Re Ltd. on the completion of its US$298 million securitization of mortgage insurance portfolio risks

16 Aug 2015
Conyers advises Kilimanjaro Re Ltd. on its US$300 million notes offering

30 Jun 2015
Conyers advises Panda Re Ltd. on the issuance of US$50 million Series 2015-1 Class A Principal At-Risk Variable Rate Notes

29 Apr 2015
Conyers advises BF&M Limited on merger of Bermuda International Insurance Services Limited