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Conyers advises Leif Höegh & Co. Ltd. on its acquisition of outstanding shares of Höegh LNG Holdings Ltd.

Conyers advised Leif Höegh & Co. Ltd. (“LHC”) and Funds managed by Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners (“MSIP”) through a 50/50 joint venture, Larus Holding Limited (“JVCo”), in its acquisition of the remaining outstanding shares of Höegh LNG Holdings Ltd. (“HLNG”) not owned by LHC or its affiliates, representing approximately 50.4% of the shares outstanding, by way of an amalgamation between Larus Limited, a subsidiary of JVCo and HLNG, and delisting of HLNG from the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Directors Guy Cooper, Christian Luthi and Edward Rance and Associate Karoline Tauschke worked on the matter alongside Kirkland & Ellis LLP and Thommessen.


Guy Cooper

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Edward Rance

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Christian R. Luthi
Director and Chairman

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